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  Eligible Courses
College of Science and Engineering
MSc Acoustics and Music Technology
MSc Artificial Intelligence
MSc Bio-Electonics
MSc Biodiversity & Taxonomy of Plants
MSc Bioinformatics
MSc Carbon Capture & Storage
MSc Carbon Management
MSc Cognitive Science
MSc Computer Science
MSc Drug Discovery & Translational Biology
MSc e-Science
MSc Ecological Economics
MSc Electronics: Analogue System Design
MSc Environment, Culture & Society
MSc Environment & Development

MSc Environmental Protection & Management
MSc Environmental Sustainability
MSc Ecology GeoSciences
MSc Geographical Information Science (taught)
MSc High Performance Computing
MSc Informatics
MSc Integrated Resource Management
MSc Materials Chemistry
MSc Medicinal & Biological Chemistry
MSc Operational Research
MSc Quantative Genetics & Genome Analysis
MSc Signal Processing & Communications
MSc Sustainable Energy Systems

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
MSc Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare

MSc Public Health Research
Information on these courses can be obtained via The University of Edinburgh website at

A University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Application Form and information on how to
obtain a Shell Centenary Scholarship Application Form can be obtained from:

The Scholarships and Student Finance Office,
Old College,
The University of Edinburgh,
South Bridge,
Edinburgh. EH8 9YL
Tel: +44 (0) 131 651 4067

Scholarship application forms must be returned to arrive at the university by 1st March 2009.


The Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund is a UK registered charity. Charity no 1071178

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